Pet Indifference EP

by Dollar Bar

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CD sold out. Only available as a digital release through Bandcamp.


released April 20, 2000

Recorded by Bryce Moorhead at Zero Interference, Brisbane, 2000.
Except tracks 02 & 04 recorded to 2-track by Waz at Headspace, with vocals at Zero Interference, and track 03 recorded to 4-track by Quentin at Latrobe St., with electronics by Radiotron at Analog Retirement Village.
Mixed by Dollar Bar, Bryce, and Waz.
Special thanks to Paul Abad & Zonar.



all rights reserved


Dollar Bar Brisbane, Australia

Independent Australian rock since 1998.

Third studio album "Hot Ones" out now on Sonic Masala Records.

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Track Name: Pet Indifference
His dad’s an American
All in all his long term suffering
He’s too young to find out the good things the military brings
Aspiring young journalist
He’s got all the skills for Repco
Makes her giggle like a mad thing
A decent bluff to hide a pet indifference
I can’t draw for sour apples
Thereby distressing the damsel
I wish I had the pair to go for broke
His dad’s an American
His dad’s an American
The first and last of fastback rockstars
Strung out and dignified
Shops for stripes to go with his stars
Printed on shoestring ties
For paisleys and otherwise
Track Name: Temporarily Free
Transcends the package of urban fiction
Carve it up for the ad-man
You dropped an absolute sitter
You know it’s a sore point, so why even speak?
Financial, family, disease, no cheese?
But probability sees, it’s probably me
And I certainly hope so
Nice girls don’t smoke, cigarettes
Check out my behaviour
It’s high quality me
Temporarily free on planet addiction
Super-sonic sweet wonder voice
The celluloid visionaries know
And I certainly hope so
Stick yr opinions here
Who’ll take over the world when I die
I’ll be in time for the next time
Brave the madness
Raise yr glasses
And spend yr assets
Track Name: Fabulous Empire
Why must you be so relentless?
Rocket dumb and senseless
Let yr hair down from the fortress
Why must you be so relentless?
Your fabulous empire
Know what it means to me
Fabulous empire
Your fabulous empire
All stuff and necessaries
Fabulous empire
A general pattern of congress
Jason recliner with headrest
Is this a permanent address?
Why must you be so relentless?
Your fabulous empire
Know what it means to me
Fabulous empire
Your fabulous empire
One isolated victory
Track Name: Insecurity Guard
Insecurity guard
There was a notion here
Now it’s a three page questionnaire
Insecurity guard
You’ll come off second best
Pick out something you like
I think it looks nice
A joke would suffice
Recycled litterbug
A four letter word on legs
Death by definition
Not an original idea in my head
Insecurity, insecurity, insecurity guard
How could you let him in when he’s not even wearing the right trou
I’m gonna concentrate on you for now
Track Name: Hero Of The Dial
Where did you go?
I showed up on time
Began just fine
And there’s the reason I smoke
Shot full of loopholes
Running into walls
Here’s to injury
Especially the kind I can imagine
A dislocation joke
You say it as if it were a simple thing
Define a buffer zone
And you can’t take a hint
And you can’t take a compliment
If you can’t see my mirrors then I can’t see you
He’s my hero of the dial
And maybe someday I can be yours
Track Name: Small Craft Warnings
Bore me to extinction
Not just a temporary thing
I had to laugh like hell
Watching yr broken body burning
A thousand times dumber and meaner
The hero continues
Enormous changes at the last minute
You should ask her tonight
Small craft warnings
Half in the bag with
Small craft warnings
Home field advantage